Instant Hedges

If your search results to instant hedges have led you here, pat yourself on the back. This is the place to be. Here at Derwen Wholesale, we host a wide collar fast-growing hedging plants that are perfect in the climate of Europe and the UK. We have compiled a list of the six instant hedges with the highest growth per year. We’re listing them here according to their maximum growth rate.

Highest growth instant hedgesLooking for instant hedges nearby Meifod? Visit Derwen Wholesale for a great range of instant hedges!

1. Leylandii Green. Max Growth/Year: 1 meter.

This is the fastest growing hedge that can reach up to a metre every year under ideal conditions. It is an evergreen conifer and is quite economical. These coniferous hedges are extremely tolerant to dust, cold and wind.

Derwen Wholesale offers the Leylandii in:

  • Rootballed form;
  • Barefoot form;
  • Potted form;
  • Pallets of potted form;
  • Pallets of root balled form.

2. Leylandii Castlewellan Gold. Max Growth/Year: 75 cm

The leaves of the Castlewellan Gold turn to their characteristic golden yellow colour in the spring and summer seasons. In the winters and autumn, the leaves of this evergreen coniferous hedge remain green.

Derwen Wholesale offers the Leylandii in potted form and pallets of potted form. 

3. Western Red Cedar. Max Growth/Year: 75 cm

Thuja plicata or the Western Red Cedar grows into a hedge very similar to Leylandii but has an aromatic, fruity foliage. This tree is coniferous and can grow in almost all types of soils except waterlogged ones.

Derwen Wholesale offers the Western Cedar in root balled form. 

More popular instant hedges

4. Laurel. Max Growth/Year: 60 cm

Among non-conifers, Laurel is the fastest growing hedging plant. So, if you’re looking for an instant hedge that is not a conifer, this is the choice for you. The Laurel is a tough evergreen hedging plant with beautiful green foliage. Derwen Wholesale offers the common laurel in:

  • Rootballed form;
  • Potted form;
  • Pallets of potted form;
  • Pallets of root balled form.

5. Pyracantha. Max Growth/Year: 60 cm

Also known as Firethorn, this evergreen hedging plant grows quickly and is often preferred for the gorgeous bright coloured berries that cover the branches completely in autumn, and the dense, thorny bushes that provide better security.

This AGM award-winning plant is offered at the Derwen Wholesale in potted form. Based on the colour of the berries, there are two types available: Orange Glow and Red Column.

6. Red Robin. Max Growth/Year: 60 cm

The Red Robin is the famous evergreen with the dark green leaves and the brilliant red new growths that provide amazing aesthetics, fast and dense growth and affordability all in one package. Derwen Wholesale offers them in containerised form and pallets of potted form.

Like to know more about instant hedging?

All of the hedging plants mentioned above are evergreen. If you wish to learn about these plants and about their cultivation, our professionals are ready to help you out. Just send us a message here or call us at (01938) 553015. Do you already know what kind of instant hedge you are looking for? Shop online at Derwen Wholesale!